1. what are the event hours?

Friday 2pm - Sunday 3pm

2. What time DO the gates open?

Friday 2-9pm

Saturday 10am-1pm

If you arrive outside these hours, you will not be able to access the property as the property is only accessible by boat - boat transfers will not operate after dark.   There are also no ins and outs so kindly contact us should you have a special circumstance that needs to be addressed – events@bespokeexperience.ca

3. What time do we have to depart on Sunday?

Cabin check out - 3pm

Depart camp - 4pm

4. Are meals included?

Yes, 6 meals are included with your package (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options available).  Please see the menu and meal times here.

5. Can we bring snacks?

Yes you may although if you do, be mindful of animals and keep them in sealable bags.  Also, NO NUTS are permitted on the grounds.  Children use the property who may have nut allergies - your strict attention to this is appreciated. 

6. Can we bring non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, you may bring non-alcoholic drinks in sealed containers (no glass containers allowed) - each meal includes non-alcoholic beverages including coffee and tea.  You can bring a cooler, and ice is available for purchase in the dining hall for $5/bag.  There are also spring water taps available throughout the property.   

Please bring a reusable mug/cup for the weekend - solo cups/plastic cups are not permitted.  If you require a reusable mug, we have them available online to purchase (or you may purchase onsite, pending availability).  

7.  Can we bring liquor and beer?

No, we are a licensed event. 

No outside beer or liquor will be permitted and there will be a search at the gate. 

We have liquor, beer and wine available to purchase prior to your arrival - please follow this link.   

Your package will be available for pick up upon check in.  We will have a small bar for your convenience during specific times throughout the weekend but its advised that you purchase beverages in advance as it will be more cost effective.

8.  Will tickets be available at the door?

No, you must purchase your weekend pass prior to your arrival. 

Find tickets - SOLD OUT

Email events@bespokeexperience.ca to check availability.

9.  Are there day passes available?

No, we only have weekend passes available so that you can truly experience everything that is available. 

10.  Are children allowed to attend?

Children under 12 years of age are welcome however please email us to ensure availability in your cabin - events@bespokeexperience.ca

The event is 19+ otherwise. 

11.  Are we able to swim at night?

For your safety, night swimming is not permitted. 

12. What do I need to do prior to arrival?

Please fill out the waiver online by Sunday JUNE 9th . If your waiver is not signed and submitted, you will not be able to access the property.

Find the waiver here.

13. Is there free wifi?

No, there is no free wifi but cell service may be available in area.  Try to fully immerse yourself in the weekend's experience! 100% social - 0% media

14. Is there an ATM on site?

No, but there will be debit/credit machines. 

15. What are the accommodations like?

The accommodations are a variety of cabins.  It is a kids camp, so the cabins are basic but clean and comfortable. There are fully functional washrooms available throughout the camp.  Group cabin beds are bunk style

16.  What do I need to bring?

Warm clothes for the evening

Comfortable shoes and flip-flops



Reusable mug/cup

Sunscreen/Bug repellant 

Toilettries (natural whenever possible)


Blanket/Sheets or Sleeping Bag

Flashlight / Headlamp

rain jacket or poncho

small portable cooler

17. What is included in the cabin?


Bathroom/Shower in some cabins, other cabins have access to shared bathroom and showers

*No linens or pillows are provided

18. If I'm tent camping, what is provided for me?

Indoor bathrooms and showers, your meals throughout the weekend, and all activities.  You are required to bring your own tent, blankets, pillows, etc.

19. Are all the workshops, yoga, meditation, and discussions included in the ticket price?

Yes, everything is included.  Please plan out your weekend accordingly to take advantage of everything - the schedule will be released by June 9th.

20. What does the venue offer?

Lakefront property (canoes, kayaks, swimming)



High Ropes


Climbing tower

Beautiful grounds for walking

Multiple fire pits

21. Do I need to bring my yoga mat?

feel free to bring your own, but some will be provided

22. What is not permitted?

Personal speakers/sound systems (no music is allowed in the cabins/tents to ensure guests can get a good night sleep!)

Professional cameras/video cameras, unless provided permission



Outside alcoholic beverages

Open non-alcoholic beverages

Candles, stoves, or anything with an open flame

23. What if you didn't answer a question that I have?

Email us at events@bespokeexperience.ca